Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Teen

No more worry, regrets, and heartache; now you’ll have the confidence that no matter the situation, you and your teen will handle it together. No more disappointment, just peace.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Teen

No more worry, regrets, and heartache; now you’ll have the confidence that no matter the situation, you and your teen will handle it together. No more disappointment, just peace.

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The reason why so many parents can’t create their dream family isn’t because they have a bad kid or they aren’t capable.

It’s because they’re focusing their efforts on the wrong thing.

Parents in this boat suffer from confusion as to what to do, overwhelm at how much there is to do, feeling hopeless and helpless, being overworked and underappreciated, and buried in shame because they feel like they’ve failed in the most important calling of their lives. 

No wonder parents feel stuck, stressed to the max, running around like a wild person, trying a little of this and a little of that, but eventually giving up because it doesn’t work.


Hi, there. I’m Heather, and I get it.

When my oldest child became a teenager, my world turned upside down. My husband and I didn’t know what was happening or how to make the pain and heartache stop. I blamed myself and knew I had failed because my daughter hated me, so I hated me. On the heels of this, our second eldest joined in on the puberty party, and our depth of despair deepened. I was failing at the most important job on earth: being a parent. I wanted so desperately to find the peace and happiness promised to “good” parents.

Then I found coaching and saw how I was looking at myself and my teens all wrong. It took me close to a decade to identify, master, and distill down the eight specific lessons that changed my entire world eternally for the better. I now mentor my clients through these specific steps with great success. It’s a very potent and powerful 4 month process that pays infinite dividends.

Are you ready to let go of the worry and have the connected, peaceful life you dreamed of as you rocked them to sleep?

Here’s why I’m the perfect mentor for you:

Known as the Teen Whisperer, I’m author of an Amazon best-selling book, “How I Fixed My Teen,” host of the 5 star podcast Pivot Parenting, was a six-month guest on ABC4’s highly rated daytime show Good Things Utah, published in Holistic Life magazine, and I’m the authority you’ve been looking for. My expertise is rooted in transformative coaching philosophies learned through certification at The Life Coach School, advanced trauma certification, and Jody Moore’s advanced faith-based certification.

In addition to being a dedicated mother of four, I’m an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love to inspire and guide parents, and am an invaluable resource for smooth navigation of parenting complexities during the teenage years.


Together, we’ve got this.

Whether we like it or not, every parent who wants to create permanent change and lasting connections with their kids has to pass through specific lessons that life gives to us all. Perhaps you’re in the middle of some of them right now and you know how soul crushing and future destroying they can feel? Here’s what you get when you follow my 8 step process, and not in the years it took me! You get it in 4 months:


What my clients say

Heather helped me break down my fears and self-worth issues to see that these feelings were nothing to be afraid of. She helped me be more aware of my thoughts that were causing these beliefs and helped me gain the skills to transform them into a more positive light. I started to see things differently as she guided me through these challenges. Heather was very kind and understanding, yet straightforward and blunt! She is a wonderful person, and I’m so grateful she was willing to work with me!
Heather worked with me to organize my thoughts and feelings, prioritize my relationship and remove my personal preferences as expectations for my child. I found it super helpful just to verbalize some feelings that I couldn’t explain before talking to Heather. She gave me tools, showed me how to use them, and encouraged me that I could do it. Our relationship is better than it has been in a long time! The process was easier than I thought it would be, and the results are better.

Before working with Heather, I was stuck in some thought patterns that were limiting my parenting, and other areas of personal development. I didn’t even realize how much my own mind was holding me back! I came away from our calls feeling energized and empowered! Since working with her, my interactions with my children are more positive and I have a much better path for navigating challenges and setbacks as they arise. Working with Heather is one of the best choices I’ve made!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not enough time is a common lie our brains like to tell us when we perceive too much work ahead. So we tell ourselves it will take too long and be too hard. But do you want to know what’s harder? Staying in difficult situations without getting the help that our family needs.

Understanding the most specific place to effectively direct your efforts is key to saving time while also getting the results you want.

There is a huge difference between running yourself ragged with lots of busy work (this can look like talking/complaining to friends and family, falling down the google search rabbit hole, ordering tons of books and never reading them, begging, bribing and punishing your kid to see it from your point of view and change their ways, thinking that time will pass and things will get better while you focus your attention on more pleasant elsewheres), vs. much less effort in the exact right places to shift massive mountains all at once, simultaneously freeing up time and energy for important things, like family fun. (think egyptians moving TONS of brick by dozens of hands and thrown out backs vs. putting it on pulleys and rollers so that one person can push it with their pinky. Yeah, no more parenting slave labor for you, my friend!)

The real question is how can you not have time for coaching?! I guarantee you’ll reach your goals in our 16 sessions together, or I’ll give you another 16 for free. My 8 step process works for every parent who puts each step into their parenting. I work with my private clients weekly for 45-55 minutes per call, according to their schedule. If there’s a week that you don’t have time, we’ll push it to the next week. I’m too flexible for time to be a valid excuse, sorry not sorry.

It’s so easy to believe this when it feels like you’ve tried everything. Here’s the truth. My eight steps are hard work. But they’re foolproof. You will feel better about the future, your teen, and yourself at the end of our time together if you apply what I teach. And if it takes longer than 16 sessions to reach the goals we create together on our first call? I’ll give you the next 16 sessions for free. I’m that confident that my specific eight step process works for everyone who is willing to embrace it.

Yes! This is the time when you need support the most. I successfully work with many clients who deal with ADHD, RAD, OCD, depression, anxiety, trauma, and difficult partners in their homes. You being the strongest and most confident parent you can be is the best way to help your family navigate through storms. My eight step process is exactly what you need to see these issues so clearly that they are no longer a hindrance or a trigger.

Possibly. Check with your provider. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive a receipt that you can include in any necessary paperwork.

I get it and I want to support you wherever you’re at. With three different ways to work with me, there’s a match for your budget. My “drop-in” coaching membership starts at just $37 a month! The more significant question is, what’s the cost of not seeking help?

When they move out and no longer like to come home for holidays, when they don’t tell you they’ve dropped out of college because they fear your reaction, when you can’t support them through their first heartbreak because you don’t know about it… what is that prevention worth to you? What is knowing down to your bones that you’re a good parent, that they love and want to interact with you, and their future is going to turn out okay, worth to you? Would you pay $100? Would taking $5000 from savings be money well spent? Would you take a loan out for a million dollars for that kind of future?

I was ready to. I would have done anything to fix the daily heartbreak over my failed life’s work. My coaching education has cost me tens of thousands and I’d pay it twice for the relationships within my own family that it has healed, strengthened, and secured. Truth is, words can’t explain the value you get from implementing my eight step process. I’m not going to ask you to take out loans and I’ve got discounts and payment plans to help coaching work for every situation. My goal is to help as many families as I can, and that means working with all budgets.

Please, please, please, don’t use this as an excuse to deny yourself of help that is more affordable than you’d think. I go over all three options of how you can work with me on our consultation call; which is free and I highly suggest you take advantage of it. This one call is very helpful to begin changing the things you want to, regardless of if we end up working together or not.

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