finally the secret sauce to...

Having a Dream Connection to your Teen

If you’re tired of their cold shoulder, losing your temper, and feeling like there’s no hope for a close relationship with them, you’re in the right place. 

Available Early 2024 · Get the free audiobook when you preorder

If you've asked yourself...

Where did I go
so wrong?

How soon do they
move out?

Why can't they
just do better?

I used to think the same things, then feel awful.
You’re not alone and there is a way to “fix” what’s not working.

Want to change the way you feel towards your baby?

Are you ready to have the relationship you dreamed of as you held them as infants, imagining how wonderful it would be through the decades?

In How I Fixed my Teen...

You’ll sit right next to me as I walk you through some of my hardest life lessons. The ones I got wrong, the ones that ended well, the lessons that were necessary to become a mom I was proud of.

About Heather Frazier

Hi there. I’m a mom just trying to keep food in the house and get kids where they need to be while running my private coaching practice. I’m a certified life coach in parenting teens, with 2 advanced certifications in faith and trauma. Being at the tail end of raising 4 kids through adolescence, I’m here to help you through the roughest parts of raising teens with my 9 point, secret formula of how you can get past their sass to fully embrace and love your teens.

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I've put my heart into sharing with you some of my most vulnerable life moments, unfiltered, word for word, from my journals.

Yup, there isn’t a parenting book like this, and it’s only because I love you.


You haven't failed and it's not too late to turn it around.

When you’re ready to find peace of mind, I’m here for you. It’s far too common for us to spin in doomsday grief and panic. Tracking their every move, being on high alert when they’re around, not wanting to say the wrong thing, but needing to say something… and then it all goes sideways so fast that you don’t even realize you’re fighting until you’re in the middle of it.

There’s a better way. Let me show you the 9 steps to finding the peace and connection you both deserve.

Available Early 2024 · Get the free audiobook when you preorder

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