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Pivot Parenting

Ep. 51 On the Same Team

Humans naturally look for enemies. When parenting, this isn’t the most helpful approach. In this episode I will give you practical tips and tricks to

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Ep. 50 Doing Hard Things

Hard things are a catalyst. They are unavoidable and a key player in creating both our home and our ideal self. How can we teach

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Ep. 49 Being Defensive

Your teen makes a comment… and the hair on your neck stands up… You can feel the fight coming. What does this mean? Why do

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Ep. 48 I Disagree

I’m feeling kinda feisty right now, and so in this episode I will be sharing some of the things that society generally agrees upon and

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Ep. 46 Input = Output

If you put dough into a pasta maker, you get noodles on the other side. Plant a tomato seed, and you can expect to harvest

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