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Pivot Parenting

Ep. 36 Unconditional Love

Love feels amazing, so why do we as parents so often deny ourselves of that feeling? Too often we are waiting for our teen to

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Ep. 35 Tell me more…

If your teen opens up to you, what next? In this episode I will teach you how to be a good listener, what questions to

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Ep. 34 Compound Emotions

Have you ever felt ‘so much’ that you couldn’t even say what emotions you were feeling? Or how about going from frustrated to furious in

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Ep. 33 But…

“Yeah, but…” It’s a common phrase that we use. In this episode, I’ll explain the “why we do,” and “why we shouldn’t,” take this route

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Ep. 31 Ripple Effect

John Donne taught that, “No man is an island”. In this episode, I share my personal story of this concept. I will teach you how

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