215. How to Model Identity for Your Teens, with Traci Peterson

When our kids know who they are, independent from accomplishment, others opinions, and other external details, they have more confidence, happiness and success. So how do we help them work this out during the typically hardest ‘identity’ years they’ll have? Listen in as Traci and I go over all the details you need to know!

About my guest: Traci Peterson is an international speaker, highly sought after trainer, has spoken to over 23,000 people, performed in front of 100,000 in sports audiences. She’s been a board-certified family nurse practitioner, founder/CEO of Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics, she’s treated over 6,000 female patients, is co-founder of The Butterfly Campaign and the #1 Top Team Builder in 50 Countries with Amare, for outstanding leadership and long-term team retention. Her latest project is BE: A Mother Daughter Movement grounded in connection and protection. She cites that her greatest accomplishment is being a mother to 3 very active children! 

She prides herself in mastering her roles as a mother, wife and woman of faith and leading by example in all of her leadership roles. With collective medical, wellness, aesthetics and leadership experience of 15+ years, Traci is widely regarded by her male and female peers, patients, clients, entrepreneurs and mom’s alike. She helps high-performing women and their daughters conquer self-criticism and comparison through identifying your unique and divine gifts. And finding validation is learning to love yourself and lean on God. She helps people practically, remember who they are so they can confidently raise the next generation of leaders.

You can find Traci at:


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