219. Parenting the Negative Self-talk and Anxiety of Teens, with Monica Crnogorac

Mental health is on the forefront of most parents brains. Anxiety being a frontrunner. Did you know that negative self-talk plays into anxiety and other mental health struggles? Listen in as Monica and I discuss:

1- What role self-awareness plays in managing anxiety, and how to help teens develop this skill.
2- Common negative self-talk patterns among teens and how these patterns contribute to their anxiety.
3- What strategies are recommended for parents to help their teens become more aware of and challenge their negative self-talk.
4- Positive changes can parents expect to see as teens improve their inner dialogue
5- Practical tips and strategies parents can engage with to foster a positive and supportive environment at home.

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About my guest: 

Monica is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach who helps teens overcome feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that interfere with their daily life. Whether they’re drowning in schoolwork, having difficulty overcoming a break-up or are unsure of their career path, Monica ensures teens receive the support they need to create visionary change.

Drawing from her personal journey, she understands the crippling effects of anxiety and the overwhelming challenges it presents. Motivated by her desire to break free from this mindset, she has utilized her educational background and ongoing self-growth journey to acquire a wealth of tools and resources, to support teens in navigating and alleviating the stressors of anxiety. 

Social Media Links – 

IG – @__consciouscoach
Website – www.consciouscoach.biz
Email – monica@consciouscoach.biz 

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