Ep. 129 When Husbands aren’t into Coaching, with Special Guest, Glenn Lovelace

In today’s episode, Glenn and I discuss all things husbands and coaching. Glenn gives practical advice for wives who have found coaching and love it, but they can’t get their husbands on board. There’s a lot more nuance than you’d think, and we go over all of it. If you’re loving the skills you’re learning, but your spouse isn’t so sure, this is a must listen episode.

About my guest: Glenn coaches men whose wives have transformed from coaching. You can find him at his website, glennlovelace.com and instagram @itsyourwingman Glenn wants to share with you the first 5 tips and strategies to help your husband be more open to coaching, you can text him “gals only” at 385-269-8011 for the free download.

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