Ep. 136 Being Present, with Special Guest, Lindsay Poelman

A common self judgement that I hear from parents is their lack of being present with the family. They can’t tune in when their kid is talking, they withdraw from social settings, they see their brain off in the weeds and get really frustrated. It happens too often, they don’t know what is happening or how to make it stop, and it’s taking a toll. In this episode, Lindsay and I break down the what, why, and how to change this pattern and connect with your teens like never before.

About my guest: Lindsay Poelman trains coaches to become trauma informed. After going through her own betrayal trauma 7 years ago–while simultaneously supporting her husband through his recovery from non-functioning anxiety and depression, betrayal trauma, and in his recovery as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, she became so passionate about the resources she found to support herself that she left her career in public and derivative accounting to become a life coach.

After seeking additional training and working with women in trauma for over 4 years, she now trains coaches to do the same—so that they too can provide the deep and safe healing possible for clients across the board who have experienced trauma.

She is currently running a Relationship Trauma Certification Program for Coaches with a fellow trauma therapist. She has a vision of the whole world being trauma-informed in order to better support personal healing, clients, and courageous people who reach out to families, clergy, and friends for help after being victimized.

She also created an online group program for “Women whose husbands look at pornography and want to find peace and safety whether he has stopped, is stopping, or not stopping looking.” Her most recent online group program is one for women seeking to lessen the dissonance between women, feminism, and religion.

Lindsay currently lives in the south of France with her husband and three children. Her husband used to work as a dentist, and is now a life coach for men who want to stop looking at porn. She loves the sun, the sea, French cuisine, being outside in nature, Mary Magdalene, traveling, and more. She sometimes says that if she came back in another life she’d be a tour guide because she loves exploring with people she loves. You can find her at lindsaypoelmancoaching.com and on instagram @lindsaypoelmancoaching

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