Ep. 147 Fear of Failing as a Parent

In today’s episode I discuss the nuance of one of the most frequent concerns of parents- Failure. Because this is such a pervasive fear, I run you through a self coaching exercise with these questions:

-Where is your parenting focus? 
-Do you believe that the things outside of you, that are beyond your control, dictate if you are failing or succeeding? What things do you credit?
-How do you know, or by what standards are you measuring your level of failure/success?
-What is your current belief about your parental success? 
-How does that belief feel when you think of it? 
-What does that feeling drive you to do or avoid while parenting your teen?
-Do you like the result that your actions are creating in your relationship?
-What patterns do you recognize upon seeing your answers to these questions? 
-Do you see how, good or bad, you are the one responsible for your current relationship? Why?

If you’re wallowing in fear of failure, please take the time to listen in and write down all your answers. 

What we focus on, we create more of. 
Staying in a belief of failure causes parents to be easily agitated, withdraw from their child, try to control their child (which never ends well) and behave in ways they don’t like.

There is no downside to believing that you are an amazing parent, and in this episode I will teach you how to embrace that belief so that you create more of the good stuff. xoxo

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