Ep. 150 Loving Your Teen

Ask a parent if they love their kid, and they will most likely say, yes. But are we loving our kids as well as possible? 

When I ask my clients what they want most in their relationships with their kids, a common desire is that their children know they love them. They often believe that their teens think otherwise, despite the love they feel, and want to know how to get their teen to feel their love. 

I get this desire, and while we can’t ever MAKE someone feel our love, we can certainly create an ideal environment to invite them to feel our love. I break it all down in today’s episode. 

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Hi, there. I’m Heather.

I can teach you how to give up the guilt and improve your relationship with your teen or young adult. I am trained to listen to my clients in a unique way and locate the root of the problem. I never tell you what you should do, but rather help you see more clearly so that you can decide what is best for you.

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