Ep. 152 Supporting Your Missionary, with Special Guest, Jennie Dildine

Sending our babies out into the mission field can be hard. It can get complicated when they return before expected. We can want them to have a specific experience. Parents can have so many thoughts and feelings that keep us from helping our missionaries as well as is possible. LIsten in to today’s episode with Jennie, the LDS mission coach, to hear all about everything! 

About my guest: Jennie Dildine is the mother of five children and two lovely daughters-in-law.  She loves Amazon, Disney, Taylor Swift, Crumbl Cookies, and music of all kinds. Jennie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership, and became a Certified Life Coach in 2019.  She has advanced coach training in Faith-based Coaching Tools and Trauma Informed Coaching. Jennie hosts The LDS Mission Podcast and owns her own coaching practice where she is known as: The LDS Mission Coach. Jennie has helped 100’s of missionaries in all stages overcome perfectionism and anxiety, create unwavering confidence and never question their purpose again. You can find her on Instagram @jennie.theldsmissioncoach

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