Ep. 158 Knowing if You’re a Good Parent

You might not think this is you. You might feel like you’re good to go. 
But wanting to know the answer to this question is a sneaky trick our subconscious can pull on us without us even realizing, and it can wreak havoc in our relationships. 

Do you: 
-Worry about the choices your teen makes, and lay awake at night trying to figure out a way to get them to change?
-Care about how others view your family?
-Buy into the latest/trending parenting fear, freak out, and try to make lots of changes from your intense emotion?
-Second guess yourself when parenting through tough times?
-Default to the “expert” opinion when it isn’t in agreement with your parental intuition?

These are just a few ways that we subconsciously are NOT in agreement that our parenting is stellar. Tune in and I’ll tell you how to recognize this and what to do about it. xoxo

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