Ep. 169 Helping our Tween Girls, with special guest Katie Parker

In todays episode, Katie Parker and I discuss the struggles that our tween ladies are experiencing and how we can encourage, love and support them better. Adolescence is hard but we can educate ourselves to be more supportive. We can also give our girls an opportunity to engage in meaningful emotional education. This is Katie’s life work. I loved hearing about her tween program and all of the skills she offers young ladies and I know that you will, too. 

About my guest: Katie is the President/CEO of Bloomfully, LLC and has a passion for building the confidence of young girls, tweens and women. Her mission is to help them grow above the comparing, the criticism, and the self-doubt that are plaguing girls. She honestly believes EVERY girl and EVERY woman is remarkably unique and needed in this world. Katie is married to Matt Parker of Album Surfboards and they live in Orange County, CA with their six children. In the Summer they surf and in the Winter they snowboard. Family and faith are at her core and the blooming businesses are an extension of that foundation. She is the creator of Singers Company, I Believe in Me, Bloomfully and Tavi’s Fairy Festival. She received her BA degree in Communications/Public Relations from Brigham Young University. As she watches the world become ever more complex to navigate for girls, she longs to create programs that help them stay grounded/rooted yet willing and able to bloom wherever they may be in the world. After participating in a Bloomfully program she wants women and girls to feel happy and excited about life and empowered to create! She hopes Bloomfully will help girls believe in their gifts, encourage them to grow and motivate them to share with the world. The world needs strong minds, and strong hearts in strong girls. You can find Katie at www.bloomfully.com

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