Ep. 181 When it’s Your Teen Causing Trouble

Lying, vaping, cussing, fighting, and being obnoxious in class. Parents get a call or email from their teens’ teachers and the shame sets in. Gossiping, bullying, and causing neighborhood backlash and you want to hide under a rock. 

Our teens do stuff that we don’t appreciate and we try everything to get them to knock it off. Yet they persist. Good news, your kid isn’t bad and you aren’t a terrible parent. Listen in as I teach you what to focus on that will make the difference, break down the three reasons why our kids do the things they do, and the best perspective to love and teach them. 

If your kid is the one causing the problems, I love you and this episode is for you. xoxo

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Hi, there. I’m Heather.

I can teach you how to give up the guilt and improve your relationship with your teen or young adult. I am trained to listen to my clients in a unique way and locate the root of the problem. I never tell you what you should do, but rather help you see more clearly so that you can decide what is best for you.

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