Ep. 187 How Marriage and Parenting Interact, with special guest, Aimée Gianni

In today’s episode I speak with marriage expert, Aimée Gianni. We discuss how to be on the same side of the table with your partner on several pointed struggles parents often face:

– how to see eye to eye when you disagree on phone/video game/curfew/dating rules

-how to ‘fight’ in front of your kids (show them healthy ways of disagreeing)

-how to be a unified force in your parenting when you don’t agree

-how to deal with a spouse who doesn’t support your rules, goes around your consequences, undermining behaviors

It all boils down to one simple truth, and it may surprise you… 

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About my guest: Aimée Gianni, MS, is a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Master Coach Instructor specializing in Love Relationships. She teaches her clients The Art of Intimate Connection and helps them create strong, loving, joyful relationships and meaningful lives that they love, full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being.  It’s her favorite thing to do!  As a Master Coach Instructor she trains relationship coaches how to do this important work with their clients.  You can learn more about her work and sign up for love notes at AimeeGianni.com and follow her on Instagram @aimeegiannims

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