Ep. 213 Teaching Your Teens About Consent and Self-abandonment with Jennifer Finlayson-Fife PhD

Today I have Jennifer on to talk about all things consent, self- abandonment, teaching healthy sexuality, and advocacy. I get that talking about such topics can feel awkward, intimidating, and confusing as to how to go about it. Stress no more! One of my favorite things Jennifer said was, “if you want someone’s approval it puts you at a disadvantage.” She was referencing the story of my first kiss, which I tell in my book, How I Fixed My Teen, and how I really wanted him to like me and how I let things go too far in an effort to win his approval… and also because I totally froze. We talk about that as well. You don’t want to miss listening in as we spill all the tea in the best of ways.

To order the book that we reference, and learn more about parenting your teen, visit me at heatherfrazier.com

About Jennifer: I am a relationship and sexuality educator and coach, as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois with a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from Boston College. I wrote my dissertation on LDS women and sexuality, and have taught college-level courses on human sexuality. I currently teach online courses and live workshops to individuals and couples seeking to develop their capacity for deeper emotional and sexual intimacy. Additionally, I offer limited private and group coaching services to individuals and couples who have benefitted from my podcasts and courses and are looking for more direct input on improving their lives and relationships.

I am a frequent contributor on the subjects of sexuality, relationships, and spirituality to LDS-themed blogs, magazines, and podcasts, including the “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist” podcast series. My husband and I are the parents of three children and are active members of the LDS church.

You can find Jennifer at: finlayson-fife.com

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