Ep. 82 Your Pattern Predicts Your Path, with Special Guest, Gail Swift

In this episode Gail and I have a fun conversation about how we both have come to a better understanding with who our children are and how little that actually has to do with us. Come and listen in as we both share how our different coaching approaches help in this lifelong endeavor.

About my guest: Gail Swift is fiercely committed to guiding students and families to take action in their natural abilities. As a proven professional who can guide you to address how your child solves problems, the questions to motivate them, and their ideal career you’ve come to the right place. Gail’s work has impacted lives, such as Brittany, a 15 yr. old with anxiety who believed that she was “not normal” when in fact, the way she worked was normal for her. And Taylor, who Gail worked with as a Senior to make sure she was spot on with her electives and internships in the zip code her school was in. What really excites Gail Swift about her work is knowing that every single student is created with a pattern of taking action that does not change over time. That pattern predicts their Path which leads to their purpose. Her expertise has been honored by being in the first group of Kolbe Youth Advocates in the world, appearances on Podcasts, Television segments, Educational stages and College open houses. Three unique things about Gail that might surprise you include: she loves watching her kids dance in the rain, takes a hike with her husband most Saturday mornings and will be at Everest Base Camp November of 2021! You can reach Gail via email, gail@planstoprospercoaching.com

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