Ep. 184 Maintaining Both Individual & Family EQ

We’ve heard words like enmeshment or codependency within a peer to peer relationship, but did you know that they can also be at play with us and our teens? It messes with us when they don’t want to play along with our ideas of what the family should be like, or how they should lead their lives. 

When we misattribute who’s responsible for creating our feelings and who needs to change before they can be resolved, what can already be difficulties get 10x bigger. Add fuel to the fire, no more!

In today’s episode I talk about a couple of key ways to be a cohesive, interdependent family. One that’s emotionally intelligent. So that you can deescalate situations with love, rather than melting down. xoxo

Here’s the course I mention, Family Connection Design Course, in this episode.

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