Ep. 190 How to be a Calm Mom over the Holidays, with special guest, Kristen Mattison

The holidays are wonderful and also we’re so glad when the busy, chaotic hum is over. But what if we could enjoy them at a more measured pace so that we didn’t have to take that exhausted sigh of relief when they’re over? 

It’s possible, and Kristen is here to tell us exactly how! If you’re feeling the holiday overwhelm, this episode is for you. No more snipping at the kids because they don’t want to play along. No more forcing family traditions that you think you should keep. Let’s create the perfect family holiday season together. 

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About my guest: Kristen Mattison is founder of the blog This Routine Life. Kristen is passionate about spreading the word that motherhood doesn’t have to feel so hard and daunting, and it IS possible to enjoy the years with your kids without feeling overwhelmed and like you’re always behind. When she’s avoiding her To-Do list, you’ll find her watching Bravo TV, reading, or working on her latest cross-stitch project. She has her master’s in counseling and is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. 

You can find her at thisroutinelife.com

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