Ep. 208 Grief and Loss While Parenting, with Krista St-Germain

It’s common that our kid’s teen years intersect with loss. The passing of our parents (their grandparents), their peers, pets, and even loss that isn’t death- loss of friendships, anticipated futures (like making the team or getting the part) and other hoped for expectations that never become realized. Grief is a hard time for us and our kids. It can feel awkward and we may not know how to approach it or help them, so we often do nothing. There is a better way to help our kids and ourselves through inevitable  dark times.

Tune in as I talk with grief expert, Krista St-Germain. We discuss grief myths, what is helpful, what isn’t, and what is normal for grief as a family. 

About my guest: Krista St-Germain is a Master Certified Life Coach, grief expert, widow, mom and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast. When her husband was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, Krista’s life was completely and unexpectedly flipped upside down. After therapy helped her unfurl from the fetal position, Krista discovered Life Coaching, Post Traumatic Growth and learned the tools she needed to move forward and create a future she could get excited about. Now she coaches and teaches other widows so they can love life again, too.
Krista’s website: https://www.coachingwithkrista.com 

The Widowed Mom Podcast:  https://www.coachingwithkrista.com/podcast/ 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/coachingwithkrista 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/lifecoachkrista/ 

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