Ep. 212 Being a Confident Parent, with Tony Dufresne

Many parenting issues boil down to one specific struggle: Confidence.

Advocating for our kid, standing up to them, following through with consequences, loving unconditionally, having peace, and so many other things all have this common root struggle. Today, Tony and I discuss the details and help you find more confidence and therefore less struggle and more joy. 

About my guest, Tony: So, you may be asking yourself… How did this guy become so interested in Women’s Confidence?

My path to standing here, in front of you right now, is 100% because of my daughter… my amiga… my best buddy…Rachel.

Our story begins when she was about one. That’s when Rachel’s mom and I parted ways and circumstances led to me being a single dad at the age of 27. Here I was raising a daughter on my own.

A daughter…a gender of the human species that I thought I knew about, but in reality, had absolutely no clue! Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the beginning of ‘girl’s world’ bootcamp for this guy and it changed my life. For the better. That epiphany led me to lean into my passion for helping others through therapy and coaching. I went back to grad school at 30 to get my Psych degree. Then my doctorate.

In 2011, I opened my own counseling and coaching company, which in turn led to the “She Talks Confidence” podcast, YouTube channel (Tony Dufresne, PhD), and the book (Surrounded by Idiots).

My podcast, speaking engagements, and online True Confidence program are labors of love that have come from three decades of success, failure, setbacks, challenges, breakthroughs, and comebacks. Find all things Tony at tonydufresne.com

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